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Why Gather Feedback through Social Media?



Gathering feedback through social media is a powerful tool to help a business flourish by adapting to consumer needs. For instance, registering in a social network like Facebook or Twitter allows you to address questions and issues about your company. You are also able to directly receive reactions from your network. You can then use feedback through social media to aid you in running your business and is also a great tool for you to become an effective decision maker.

Build great products and services through social media

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The biggest plus is that you will know what is being said about your business and your brand through your social media involvement. As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to get to know your customers better and gain valuable consumer insights from them. By encouraging them to express their opinions whether positive or negative, you will also discover ideas on how to further improve your products or services.

How to gather feedback through social media

Build a genuine relationship with your clients. Engage in meaningful exchanges of thoughts with them. Ask them what they think of your product. This is not only a cost effective monitoring tool, it also makes them feel that you truly value what they have to say.

Try not to spread yourself too thinly, and choose only the social media channels that are most popular with your target audience. This allows you to keep updated on the latest trends and prevents you from being overwhelmed with too much information. Lastly, try to enjoy communicating and connecting with people. After all, gathering feedback through social media need not be a chore.

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By Michael Mulkern

These days, the proliferation of social media on the internet has driven a lot of businesses to consider marketing their products via social media, whether directly or indirectly. Whether it’s MySpace or Facebook, many are getting on the social media bandwagon because of the huge reach such portals have over millions of internet users who are a part of the social media community. If you run an online enterprise that is dependent on internet traffic, you should already know by now the importance of providing something – be it in the form of content or product – that will bring in both new and repeat traffic to your website. This article will show you how to use Facebook layouts to attract visitors to your website.

While many businesses prefer a more customized network as an essential tool to engage their customers, the number of businesses taking advantage of the inexpensive yet effective Facebook platform to engage in viral marketing is increasing by the day. These businesses are benefiting from the sheer number and demographics of users on Facebook, so it makes prudent sense to hop onto the Facebook bandwagon. But how do you go about using Facebook effectively as a source of increased traffic to your website?

The first and most important aspect of your Facebook profile should be your profile page. Not only is it the one page you have most control over, it is the place where you can convey your message to the hordes of other Facebook users. First impressions are important, and your profile page makes the first impression for you and your business. Many underestimate the number of page views a profile page generates. Connect to your customers, associates, and friends using the profile page; the connections you display on your profile page will stir the interest of profile viewers to know more about the people you’re connected with and you yourself; both as a business and as an individual entity.

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While many use Groups to engage in viral marketing, you should consider using Facebook Pages instead if you’re looking to customize your Facebook layout. Facebook Pages are more customizable as compared to Groups, because you can add HTML, Flash, or applications to your pages. These little add-ons extend your pages’ functionality and make it more interesting for users to peruse your profile pages. Also, there are no limitations as to how many ‘fans’ in your group that you can message, so it gives you a wider reach to your targeted audience, making it a viable option for small businesses that are looking to establish their presence on Facebook.

But if you have the budget, Facebook also allows you to reach an even wider audience. Whatever your budget, you can choose a simple short-run flyer for a few dollars or even a customized ‘sponsored group’ campaign in Facebook for a few hundred thousand dollars. Social Ads is one example of an affordable ad that you can consider, as these ads are placed on profile pages and news feeds and gets your business out there via click-throughs.

So you see, there are many options for you to choose from when using Facebook layouts to attract visitors to your website. Whatever your budget, Facebook is a viable solution you can consider when you’re looking to increase the traffic to your website.

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